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Trans Am Self-Supported Bike Race 2018

Is This The Toughest Bike Race In The World?

The Trans Am Bike Race is a bikepacking race based on one key principle, to cycle across America, end-to-end from Oregon to Virginia as fast as possible. Following a specific set of rules, the riders must ride solo or as a pair, self-supported and self-timed without stopping. The race started on June 2nd and ends.... when the rider finishes. In the Trans Am Bike Race, the race has no finish time cut-offs!

The Trans Am Bike Race is now in its 5th year with 114 riders competing, thats 6 women, and 108 men to be exact. The riders must cover a distance of 4300 miles or just under 7000kms!

The Trans Am rules in a nutshell:

  • Self-supported
  • No time limit
  • Ride Trans America from one end to another
  • Outside assistance is prohibited
  • Open to anyone, in any continent

With no help cyclists ride unsupported between towns but may stop for food supplies, equipment, rent a room or service their bikes when in towns. Family and friends may visit and cheer the riders while on route but are forbidden to provide any shelter or material support.

To find out more about the Trans Am Bike Race check out this video by Inspired to Ride

Who can enter and what other rules apply in the Trans Am Bike Race?
  • Anyone can enter. It is open to anyone who wants to race.
  • There is no time limit to completing the race- the clock runs non-stop
  • Once the race begins, a rider may be helped by a third party member with emergency repair/replacement items only. This does not include food.
  • Mobile phones are accepted on this race, cyclists can use their phones or (Quad Lock's) as a way of navigating or to keep up with Social Media
  • There is no prize. The only prize in this race is honor.
  • There are no checkpoints or officials on the route
  • Any bike is allowed! Obviously pedal power only
  • Final rankings will be based on the data from the live tracker
  • Social media is actively encouraged by cyclists but asking for help is forbidden
  • Entry is open to any continent, and everyone has a equal playing field
Trans Am cyclists on Instagram - #tabr2018

With so many riders from all over the world competing in the Trans Am race, we are excited to see cyclists like @flinnryan and @darren_franks using Quad Lock as their navigation tool on Instagram! To see more follow our Instagram page: @quadlockcycle

To follow the race live see tracker here

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