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Top 5 Videos that featured Quad Lock in 2017

What's the best video featuring Quad Lock of 2017? We've had a very busy year here at Quad Lock with the launch of some great new products and come across some epic footage along the way from fellow Quad Lock users trying out our mounts on their adventures.

We thought we'd share our top 5 videos that feature Quad Lock, some bike and some moto that we feel deserve a bit of a shout out (hint-one may have been a April Fools stitch up). Let us know your thoughts on your favourite!


1. German artistic cyclist, Viola Brand from Germany shows us how incredible her balancing skills are in this clip. This is our number one pick here at Quad Lock. (Credit: @violalovescycling)

2. In a close second is motorcycle rider Clutch1st. Ever wondered what it's like to race through the roads out the back of New York? Watch this clip for a thrilling motorcycle ride with a pumping soundtrack. (Credit: @clutch1st)

3. In third place is downhill MTB rider Josh. Josh captures the up's and downs of a downhill mountain bike ride in this short clip. (Credit: @wa11yy)

4. In fourth place, is possibly the best innovation Quad Lock has come up with in 2017, this video solves a real world problem with the new Sausage Mount invention for riding with your snag on the go. (Credit: Quad Lock)

5. In fifth place, we have another mountain biker from the UK. Chris takes us on a epic journey as he shreds through some local bushland. (Credit: @twowoks)

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