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The Best Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists 2022

Christmas is just around the corner, so here are some last-minute gift ideas for all the moto heads in your life. We’ve compiled the best gift ideas for motorcyclists in 2022 below. Keep reading to get inspired 🎄

1. Gloves (Akin Moto Gloves)

Safety is the first priority when riding a motorcycle and gloves are a great present that ensures the protection of hands from injury in case of any accidents. Not only that, gloves will help keep those cold hands warm during the winter months and give extra grip when riding. Ultimately, gloves just look sleek when riding a motorcycle.

We recommend the Akin Brawler Motorcycle Gloves with mid-weight leather, excellent abrasion resistance, and screen touch sensitivity. The touch sensitivity is super handy as it lets riders use their phone (see Quad Lock in point 3) for things such as navigation without needing to take off their gloves.

2. Navigation App Subscription (Scenic App)

Give the gift of scenic routes and easy travel this season with a subscription to a navigation app. Scenic is a great app that plans, navigates, and tracks motorcycle rides, similar to what expensive motorcycle GPS units offer except it’s all from the palm of your hand (and cheaper).

The subscription offers exclusive features such as

  • Turn-by-turn navigation and voice instructions
  • Round trip suggestions for a chosen distance when picking a location
  • Route importing from many formats, sources, apps, and websites
  • Route and ride export and sharing with your friends
  • Better search results including results from Apple Maps, HERE Maps, and Google Maps
  • Elevation profiles of your routes and rides

Choose from a yearly subscription ($36.99AUD/year) or a one-time purchase ($139.99AUD/forever!). Click here to head to the Scenic Website.

Explore more options on the market for apps specifically designed for motorcycle riders. Read our blog on the Top Apps Specifically for Motorcycle Riders here.

3. Motorcycle Phone Mount (Quad Lock Motorcycle Kit)

Speaking of phone navigation, a Quad Lock Motorcycle Kit is perfect for those that utilize their phone to navigate rides. The kit consists of a mount and case that allows you to securely attach your phone to the bike, keeping it away from being stuffed in a pocket and more accessible whilst on the go.

There are 6 Mounting options to choose from so you can easily find a Quad Lock to best suit just about any bike.


4. Ultimate Moto Care Kit (Muc-Off)

If you know someone who likes practical gifts (or just always has a grubby bike), look no further. Muc-Off’s Ultimate Motorcycle Care Kit has everything someone with a motorcycle needs to keep their bike as clean as can be. This 10-piece gift pack comes with an array of products, from heavy-duty washers to motorcycle speed polish, this care kit will keep any bike fresh until at least next Christmas.


5. Charity Donation (World Bicycle Relief)

Give the world’s best gift: a Buffalo Bicycle.

More than a billion people in rural areas globally lack access to reliable roads and transportation. World Bicycle Relief distributes bikes to rural areas worldwide in the pursuit of mobilising these individuals in areas where they work, learn, and live. Give the gift of sustainable rural transport that will benefit future generations on behalf of someone this Christmas.


World Bicycle Relief

6. Key Organizer (Orbitkey)

An everyday product that will get a lot of use is a key organizer. Transform chunky and unorganized keys into a neat and silent stack using a key organizer. The Orbitkey Key Organizer carries 2-7 standard keys with car keys and fobs on the D-ring. You can’t go wrong with this practical gift idea as it comes with a range of different designs and colors to suit anyone’s style. Note: extra brownie points if you choose to monogram their initials onto the key organizer for an extra personalized touch.

7. Airbag Vest (Dainese Smart Jacket)

An airbag vest is on the pricier side of usual gifts but is worth it when providing gifts for loved ones. Airbag vests can minimize the risk of injury and provide additional protection. Riders have tested this gear on different terrains and as a result, there were a few bruises on impact instead of broken bones, abrasions, or neck and head trauma.

The Dainese Smart Jacket is one of the best options when it comes to the latest tech. With the same D-air® airbag technology used in the MotoGP and its slim design, it ensures both safety and style for your gift receiver.

8. Helmet (Ruroc)

Ruroc helmets are one of the coolest Helmets going around and are known for their high-quality designs and anyone would be keen to show this off. A helmet makes a great gift because it definitely will be used as you legally have to wear one when riding a motorcycle. Ruroc most recently released their new ATLAS 4.0 which is their quietest motorcycle helmet and one of the first helmets to hit the streets with the brand new ECE 22.06 safety standard.

9. Goggles (100 Percent)

If their helmet doesn’t have a face a great gift is a pair of goggles to protect their eyes from elements like wind, rain and the sun on a ride. The Armega Goggle comes with an injection-molded 2mm impact-rated, shatter-resistant lens that will keep those eyes protected. 100 Percent have motorcycle goggles that come in every colourway possible so you will definitely find the perfect goggle to suit anyone’s style.

100 Percent

10. Local Motorcycle Workshop Membership

Know a mate that doesn’t have a garage? A thoughtful gift is finding out what their local motorcycle workshop is and getting them a monthly or yearly membership to it. One of the best things about riding a motorcycle is the sense of community that comes with it. Kustom Kommune is not only a great option to do a bit of DIY on your motorbike, but it also is a tight-knit community of like-minded wrenchers so you’ll feel right at home.  Typically, membership benefits would include access to use the workshop with unlimited tools and equipment, exclusive access to social events, and deals on training courses as well as tools and consumables.

Our favourite local workshop is Kustom Kommune which is currently hosting an end-of-year sale. Click here to check them out!

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