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A Quad Lock Feature - Melburn Roobaix

The next feature in our series looks at the famous Melbourne bike ride, MELBURN ROOBAIX, which takes its name from the Paris-Roubaix.

The ride also known as "The Hell of the North" explores some of the bumpiest sectors of cobbles lanes and alleyways around Melbourne, and embraces the spirit of being big kids on bikes.

[ Transcript ]

Andy: "Melburn Roobaix is on the last Sunday in June each year since forever. It is absolutely not a race.

First year there was a prize for coming first, second year people started getting competitive so I stopped giving prizes and I started giving prizes only for costumes, crazy bikes and rewarding people that did cool things.

These guys come all the way from Adelaide, Australia's third best city. This a very, very rare tatted musette from as you can see 2009 so that's the third year and that's the actual first year's musette we ever did. This is part of our archive of stuff I get, a spoke card to put in your wheels which CP (Chris Peters) from Quad Lock has this in his wheel from 2014 on their homepage.

The route remains a secret until the day. Now part of that is also just to keep it fresh because I don't want people to plan. I want to foster this unexpected and curious notion which we often dismissed because we want to plan for everything.

When you see a procession of people having fun enjoying themselves it's one of those rare times where you can't help but not laugh or to be curious to know whats going on.

Melburn Roobaix is one of those unique events I would say, is probably one of very few events where you'll find all the tribes converging and getting along where typically mountain bikers would frown at roadies and roadies would laugh at mountain bikers because they don't shave their legs."

Learn more about Melburn Roobaix HERE

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