Quad Lock Mounting System

An introduction to the Quad Lock Mounting System

Quad Lock is a revolutionary mounting system for hand held devices which allows you to use your device in more places than ever before. The unique mounting system is the lightest and strongest mounting system on the market.

Whether you like it or not digital devices are becoming an integral part of our lives. However there are times when you can't operate your smart phone because your hands are busy doing something else such as driving a car, riding a bike, or even cooking dinner in the kitchen. The Quad Lock Mounting System changes this!

We developed the Quad Lock after we realized that there wasn't a good solution for mounting your phone in multiple applications. We tried many different car mounts, desk stands, and bike cradles but most require you to remove your phone from its case, and none of them really work that well. Multifit cradles are just terrible, don't hold the phone securely and take away from the great slim designs of todays smart phones.

We thought, why isn't there a single system that allows you to mount your phone in all these applications? So we developed the Quad Lock Mounting System.

If you’re like us you use your iPhone as a SatNav while driving, a trip computer while cycling, a shopping list while shopping, a score card while golfing, an alarm clock while sleeping, a recipe while cooking, a GPS while boating, a calendar while at the office and we even sometimes make a phone call. The Quad Lock makes it much easier to use your phone in all of these environments.

The Quad Lock Case

The beauty of the Quad Lock Case is that it’s a case based mounting systems so with the one protective case you can securely mount your iPhone in your car, bike, boat, and around the home or office with just a simple twist. The Quad Lock has been designed to allow you to rotate your iPhone in both portrait and landscape position so its compatible with any App you use.

Quad Lock Mounts and Adaptors

The Quad Lock System works with a variety of mounting options. Currently there are three mounts available

Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO

The Quad Lock Bike Mount is designed for mounting to tubular objects such as bicycle head stems and handle bars. The Mount offers the highest level of security for your iPhone and is perfectly suited to rigorous applications such as road cycling, MTB and Motorbikes. 

The Mount locks onto the case using a push and turn method and has a secondary locking collar which interlocks into the rear of the case holding it securely in position. This dual stage locking system prevents accidental removal from bumps or knocks and holds the case securely in place no matter how rough the trail. To release the phone or to change the orientation you simply push down on the locking collar and twist. 


Adhesive Wall Mount   

The Adhesive Wall Mount is best suited for applications around the home and office, however it can also be used in the car. The 3M VHB Adhesive will adhear to most flat surfaces. The VHB (Very High Bond) tape is super strong and creates a solid bond as long as the surface is cleaned properly before application. If you need to remove it, simply apply heat from a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive and carefully peal the mount away.

Attaching your phone to the mount is done using a simple twist and click motion. The phone can be positioned in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Tripod Adaptor 

Designed for the serious iPhone photographer, the tripod adaptor allows you to conveniently and quickly attach your phone to a standard camera tripod. Great for capturing that perfect landscape or long exposure shot.